This 3-hour walk will take you to another side of Paris, to discover innovative buildings from the 20th and 21st centuries: the Ministry of Finance; the Palais Omnisport Paris-Bercy; Frank Gehry’s Cinematheque; Dominique Perrault’s Bibliotheque Nationale and Jean Nouvel’s Arab Institute. We’ll cross the Seine via Feichtinger’s beautiful Simone de Beauvoir footbridge, and briefly explore Les Docks, Jakob & MacFarland’s clever rejuvenation of a 1907 warehouse. We’ll also view the futuristic multi-use Pont Charles-de-Gaulle.

From a medieval auberge to a Renaissance townhouse, to the Baroque and Rococo influences on churches and aristocratic mansions, we’ll also look at the surprising details of regimented Haussmannian houses, as we stroll through the architectural history of Paris during a 3-hour walk, admiring and learning about the work of builders, architects and sculptors share the glory of making Paris the world’s most beautiful city.

You Tubes: ‘mini-tours’
These YouTubes give a taste of my Angels of Paris and Architecture tours.
Pompidou Center to the Auberge Nicolas Flamel
Notre Dame Cathedral to the Place St Michel
Orsay Museum and César Franck’s Belle Epoque angel sculpture

This innovative walking tour focuses on the beautiful and varied angels of Paris which illustrate the artistic and architectural trends throughout the ages. The angels lurk everywhere in the city, on theatre rooftops, mansion doorways, windowsills, fountains and more. Starting at the Place St Michel, we wind our way through the heart of the city, crossing the Seine from the left bank to the right, and finishing up on the Ile de la Cite. Find out the difference between cherubs, angels and winged deities while learning about the work of France’s greatest architects, sculptors and artists.

Rosemary Flannery is the ‘angels expert’ of Paris. Author and photographer of Angels of Paris: An Architectural Tour through the History of Paris, published in 2012 by The Little Book Room NYC and distributed by Random House, her book will be released in French as Anges de Paris: un promenade architectural a travers l’histoire de Paris by Editions Exergue in November 2014.