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Rosemary Flannery’s private guided tours are a great way to discover Paris, its museums and monuments in a lively and interesting way. From a fascinating walk through the labyrinth of the Louvre palace, to experiencing the glories of the great art movements of the Orsay or seeing the powerful sculptures of the Rodin museum, Rosemary’s background as artist and art historian will enhance your experience. Discover, too, hidden corners of Paris in the Montmartre and Intro to Paris tours, and get to know the beautiful city architecture in Rosemary’s unusual Angels of Paris tour. The Chocolate tour is a delectable favorite among children and adults alike, and the Fashion & Shopping tour is made to order! A Parisian since 1989, Rosemary will explain everything from the metro system to where to find the best baguette and the latest restaurant. Museum Tour in Paris

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